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In New York City, fare beating is the reason for the largest number of arrests made each year. Fare beating describes any action involving an individual using the subway without purchasing a pass. This includes hopping the turnstile, being let in through the emergency door without paying and bending a MetroCard to trick the scanner into giving you a free ride.



“He came up on the bike, dropped the bike, took out a gun, and shot him in the head,” president of the Coalition to End Broken Windows (CEBW) Josmar Trujillo says, pointing towards the narrow walkway over the FDR. 
“Cops that weren’t even on duty came out. There were at least 20 cop cars over there alone, [because] when a cop gets shot. The whole world 



These formerly incarcerated women returned to prison to put on the play "The Vagina Monologues" along with actors from "Orange is the New Black."



Life can change at the drop of a hat. For Jazmin Berges, it happened when she lost both her children, and her public housing for marijuana use. After three years of living on the hard streets of East Harlem, she's giving back. Follow Jazmin as she breaks down the brutal realities of life on the streets.