Police Reform Activist Running for NYC Mayor


On Wednesday, April 5th at 1:30PM by 1 Police Plaza, long-time social, racial, & criminal justice advocate Bob Gangi formally announced his candidacy for NYC mayor, challenging Bill de Blasio in the Democratic primary on September 12th. Gangi presented his vision for a more just, safe, inclusive, & affordable city for all NYers.

Gangi's campaign will focuson racial, social, & economic justice across a range of critical & related issues. His campaign calls for specific fundamental & far-reaching changes:

- Ending discriminatory & abusive "broken windows" policing that daily targets low-income communities of color for petty infractions -- sometimes via false arrests & bogus summonses -- that have been virtually decriminalized in well-off white areas.

- Promoting one thing that research has repeatedly shown improves academic outcomes for all students: small class size in public schools across the city.

- Providing free or reduced fares for low-income NYers who need to take our subway & buses to lead productive lives, to get to work, to school, to job interviews, to medical appointments.

- Offering free tuition at our CUNY colleges for low- & middle-income NYers.

- Providing homes for the homeless, not just shelters & guaranteeing that new housing units built in low-income communities are affordable for the households currently living in those neighborhoods.

Said Gangi: "De Blasio has failed on a number of fronts to re-write "The Tale of Two Cities" narrative that he pledged to address in 2013. Nowhere is that more painfully true than regarding his embrace of quota-driven "broken windows" policing that is a driving force behind the racial & social inequities that divide the people who live in our city. Our campaign promises to give voice to all NewYorkers concerned about the deep injustices that continue to plague our city, to all people who yearn for a Big Apple that provides real equal justice & opportunity, not just lip service, for all our fellow citizens."

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