You Can't Die Here | Short Film

When a high school student is forced on an errand to Trader Joe's, he runs into a stranger who might be able to save his life.. at a cost. Inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin, 'You Can't Die Here' explores the violence against unarmed Black men in a way that hasn't been seen before. Originally produced as a stage play in IMPACT's 2012 Director's Weekend, the original cast and playwright remade this story for the screen.

Posted on July 22, 2019 .

Hood Chef | TNB | S1:Ep3

#TBT I so miss doing these sort of videos. Working in Film takes a lot of time away from personal projects, but it also hones your craft. Who knows what I can do now?

Posted on July 12, 2019 .

The Heights | Ep 3 | Relationships

n Episode 3, we explore different points of view on love and relationships with familiar faces from earlier projects In the Heights, relatives in St. Louis and people encountered in Washington DC. Here we recount stories of when lovers first meet, the permanence of relationships then & now, and finding meaning and significance in both.

In the midst of it all, these stories reveal the undeniable parallels of love across color, age, and sexuality that ultimately deconstructs the Other.

A Moment with David Whitwell

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The Award-Winning TV Show “The Notice Blog” is Seeking Interns!

The Notice Blog is looking for two aspiring editor/filmmakers looking to learn some tips from an Emmy Award Winning Producer on a local access tv show! The Editing/Production Interns will report to the Director of Video and will assist in video production and editing, as well as scheduling and production coordination.

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How to Dance the Gwara Gwara | OkayAfrica

Checkout my early editing work with OkayAfrica in “How to Dance Gwara Gwara”

Need new moves? Look no further. Dope Afrobeats dancer Izzy Odigie teaches us how to dance Gwara Gwara. Song: Babes Wodumo ft. Mampintsha - Wololo

Shooter/Producer: Chika Okoli
Editor/Motion Graphics: Paul Notice

Freedom is a Constant Struggle.. | International Women's Day

“… and there is no border that divides us. There is no wall high enough that we can’t come to each other.
Because in this struggle, we need each other to survive.”

Solar Lamps

I remember spending damn near 3,100 gourdes ($36.35 USD) trying to get my homie @filsjnlouis just ONE solar lamp back in #haiti yet over in the states? It’s just ONE DOLLAR - even sending the lights back over to my homie is nearly impossible and costs more than the product itself.

Posted on April 18, 2019 and filed under ARTICLES, Travel, Haiti.

Jussie's Subway Adventure

I shot and edited this piece a while back in March 2018 for Okay Player, but it never aired. Anyway, think of this video as a look at the other side of Jussie Smollett. The part that gravitates people to him.