She Was Right Though...

she was right though.jpg

Ok, remember Rosemary’s Baby? The biggest terror in that horror film was quintessentially placing the audience within the perspective of a woman living in the 1960’s. Seriously. She and the audience knew that something was wrong, but when she spoke up? Everyone called her crazy. That’s how Hillary Clinton probably feels right now.

Because nearly 10 weeks later, elected officials, and political pundits alike, are just now realizing: “Hey, you know when she went off on that wild tangent about Russian espionage, and how their hacking was purposely meant to push US voters to elect Trump? Yeah.. she was right.” On the plus side, Obama’s ordering all 17 US intelligence agencies to conduct a full review of election-related Russian hacking. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are also joining the fun, with their own wide-ranging probe into the election-related hacking.