Trevor Noah received wide support for his interview with conservative host  Tomi Lahren of the Blaze. However, he did fact check Tomi on BLM not being the black equivalent of the KKK. And that her criticism of protesters is woefully oblivious to inequality in America.And that maybe, just maybe Trump's conduct with women could also impact into his policy decisions and conduct as president.

Tomi was still able to sneak some misinformation through, though; like her assertion that Steve Bannon isn't a White Supremacist *eye roll* even though he has proudly proclaimed his digital media site, Breitbart, is the official platform of the alt right. Add to that, he evidently didn't want to send his children to a school with Jewish kids. Smh.. Wierdo.

Anyway, Tomi also claimed who shooter that killed 5 police officers in Dallas said he was part of Black Lives Matter. BUT even the Dallas police officially reported that the shooter told them “he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” and “stated he was not affiliated with any groups, [and] that he did it alone.”

Side Note: Was no one else creeped out about the fact he was killed by a “bomb robot?” What the sh*t is that??

Also, is no one going to talk about the guy being a veteran suffering from PTSD?

- Paul Notice

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