Welp, Time Magazine declared Donald L. Trump as their person of the year, stating that “It’s hard to measure the scale of his disruption.” Hmph.. Sure. It’s hard to get a hook on their choice, whether it was a sloppy attempt at normalization, or a subversive critique wrapped up in the print media equivalent of clickbait.

Quotes like: “The revolution he stirred feels fully American, with its echoes of populists past, of Andrew Jackson and Huey Long and, at its most sinister, Joe McCarthy and Charles Coughlin,” are somewhat clunky in their attempt to be neutral.

Are we really supposed to believe Andrew Jackson was less sinister than McCarthy? They’re both terrible. Nevermind, there’s bigger issues afoot. But can we just say - what a track record for Time for picking Person of the Year.

I mean:
1938: Hitler
1939: Stalin
2007: Putin
2016: Trump

Alright, fine - it’s a logical fallacy, but you get what I’m saying.

- Paul Notice