Sanctuary Cities + "Crime Surge" + NAFTA

TNB LIVE: Sanctuary, Surges & NAFTA
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Here's the News for today:

1. SANCTUARY! - Miami-Dade County becomes the first to give in to Trump's executive order meant to harm "Sanctuary Cities."

2. NO SURGE - President Trump incorrectly claims that Philadelphia experienced a "surge" in homicides. The opposite is true. It went down.

3. SORCERY - Scientist may have discovered a way to compress Hydrogen atoms into metal. Sorceryyyy!!!

4. NO DEBT RELIEF - Trump reverses Obama's plan to reduce mortgage fees for Federal Housing Administration borrowers - affecting about 700,000 struggling homeowners.

5. NO NAFTA & TPP = HIGHER PRICES - The US' withdrawal from TPP & NAFTA will have some pretty terrifying consequences.

6. KICKSTARTER - Shoutouts to Al Austin for being our newest backer!!

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