Libraries = StartUp Offices for the Poor


If you haven't heard already, Shared Work Spaces are all the rage. They're also all the expensive (sic). Rates average about $200/monthly. For the nonprofit/startup on the budget, that's too much sauce. So there are other options. Coffee shops are one. In my very unscientific research, they average about $10-20/daily - since they insist on you buying something while there.

But depending on where you live, your public library is probably your best bet. They've evolved from simple book depositories, to supplementary after-school activists and high-speed internet havens. 

These days, all you really need to run a digital company office-wise is good internet, and a space where you can hammer away at your keyboard for hours on end. Libraries got that work.

So in light of Trump's recent announcement of his proposed budget, which makes extensive cuts to public funding of the arts and education, I felt obligated to pay homage. It's where I still spend much of my time working on TNB. I guess you never know what you've got until it's (possibly soon going to be) gone. 

 - Paul N.