NYC's #SwipeItForward Campaign is BACK!

by Paul Notice

On 03.20.17, a collective of everyday New Yorkers went to Yankee Stadium with over $2,000 in Metrocard passes. Their objective? Free Swipes to those in need.

In places like the Bronx, New York, East Harlem and East New York, Brooklyn - people actually get arrested for accepting 'free swipes' from passengers. Though the MTA has already publicly confirmed that this practice is completely legal, many Black and Brown youth still find themselves arrested under 'farebeating' charges.
In light of the over 29,000 farebeating arrests, costing the city more the $50 million last year - and the impending hike in MTA fares this year - Why Accountability, joined by People Power Movement - Movimiento Poder Popular, took action. Here's more from activist, Dalaeja Foreman..

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