You Need to Watch the "Black Panther" Teaser NOW

By Paul Notice

We've been waiting for it. And now... BOOM:Β 


I mean.. can we talk about that Triceratops mask though? Can I have one that on Amazon somewhere or...does it give your powers of something or... is that C4?


Wait - hold up, but not before we talk about Evil (??) Micheal B. Jordan with-the-Prince-Hairdo:


And can we take a minute to just admire high-budget comic book hero action scenes with all Black characters? That DON'T just take place "on the New York streets," or a southern plantation?


And this.. I'm just gonna leave this here, and you'll know what I'm talking about when you watch the trailer.


But for real though: Evil Michael B. Jordan with-the-Prince-Hairdo. Come on, son... Come. ON. SON! ..Can we talk about this dopeness, now? Or later?Β