The Tale of the Underdog Brewery

Here's a throwback to a trailer of an interview I shot with Derrick Langeneckart of Alpha Brewing Co. I know, I know - CisHet Yt guys already have platforms. But Derrick's an example of a true ally. He's never been someone to jump on a soap, instead he imbued a sort of matter-of-fact common sense progressivism that A LOT of people coming from privilege spaces can learn from. I felt it was important to cover the story from my perspective, and how important allies like Derrick really are. He managed to create a Safe Space for STL liberals in an extremely turbulent political time. He didn't plan on doing it. He just wanted to make beer, money and fun. You can participate in liberation, and not be on the frontlines. Alpha Brewing Co. proves it. Growing up, we both were picked on and ostracized at school, for different reasons. It's honestly why I find his story so gratifying. It's the age-old tale of the jester made king.

- Paul N.