An ode to the 1st Black Republic

Water in pouches

Deforestation to dusty roads

$2 Barbecue 

Full spirit 

Wandering black souls 

Lost in a see of creole and home

This is what it looks like when you win

Dogs from Africa 

Electricity goes out at day

Solar panels, generators


Makeshift electricians 

Carpentry from lineage and grit

Cold bucket baths for hot afternoons

Love. Love. Love.

This is what it looks like to win

Black hands shake with gourds

Down the hill

Where the tires burn and the genius lives undiscovered

Colleges degrees drift unknown to the west into the ether of blackness 

Live. Love. Love 

This is what it looks like to win

On the stone-plagued hills

The tap tap is king 

Prestige for balmy nights 

After early and long days of work

Sweat for progress 

Live. Last. Love.

This is what it looks like to win.


Posted on February 2, 2019 and filed under Haiti.