Prospective Opposition II.

A move toward #experiementalfilm

So it's been a while since I've posted any new stuff on this page, and that's because of a lot things. BUT. That period has ended, and now there'll be a ton more things flowing out way more often.

Here's the start. Years ago, when The Notice first started, I featured an old childhood friend, avant-garde trombonist and composer David Whitwell in the second episode, and a few of the Minisodes. The thing I love most about this guy is that never shied away from experimenting with music in a myriad of ways.

Well, Dave's back. After my stint in Kenya and Haiti, we caught up, brainstormed and created this vignette. It'll be featured in the upcoming second season of #thenoticeblog too, in an entirely different context. So be on the lookout for that too..


@Paul Notice