The Heights | Ep 3 | Relationships


In Episode 3, we explore different points of view on love and relationships with familiar faces from earlier projects In the Heights, relatives in St. Louis and people encountered in Washington DC. Here we recount stories of when lovers first meet, the permanence of relationships then & now, and finding meaning and significance in both.

In the midst of it all, these stories reveal the undeniable parallels of love across color, age, and sexuality that ultimately deconstructs the Other.




No matter our demographic, we all share conversations and thoughts that go beyond our own station. Whether it's between the caterers and the person operating the freight elevator, or the retired foreman speaking to the investment banker on the way to work - each conversation has a deeper and more profound meaning.

What's more important, is that we often talk about the same thing, despite our apparent differences. "Homecoming" explores both of these elements in everyday conversations through all walks of life.

The result is seeing how much we truly have in common, but also the complexities of what really separates us in society.

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