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Not voting isn't a form of resistance.. it's self-sabotage | The Notice Blog

#midterms #2018elections

Midterm Elections are here! Don't forget to #Vote I jumped back into my archives, pulled up some old clips, tossed them with some new. I dunno what I'm saying, just watch the video ...and vote!


Paul Notice II

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How Glad I Am | Melanie Charles (UnOfficial Visuals Video)

#NeoSoul #Music #Africa

Checkout the UnOfficial Video I cooked up for Jazz Icon Melanie Charles' soulful ballad: "How Glad I Am." Featuring part of it in an upcoming episode.


- Paul Notice

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Obama Sanctions Putin + Trump Tweets | News Bites 12.29.16

Here's the Newsbites for this week. Obama punishes Russia for interfering with the U.S. election. Trump tweets again. And we're starting to not fall for it.

A Total Stranger Paid for My Hotel in Chicago | SOTD: The Kindness of Others

A total stranger paid for my hotel room in Chicago. Literally just b/c he overheard me trying to figure out wtf do while stranded on an overnight trip back to NYC. It's a long story from a 3 day trek from St. Louis to NYC,  right in time for New Year's Eve. And in all that adventure, I learned a pretty dope lesson about the kindness of others. I also slept through most of New Year's Day.

Aleppo + Tilda Swinton + Holiday Miracle | Minisodes 12.20.16

Let's talk about the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, and why we can't ignore #Aleppo. Plus, Tilda Swinton needs to stop with the fake liberalism. Also, Senior Producer Tatiana Escalant helped me get home to my family for the holidays!! Oh, and we are FUNDRAISING in January 2017. AND the team just got even bigger.

Meet: Joshua Lopez + Job Fairs | 12.19.16 Minisodes

Meet Joshua Lopez, the new host for our Weekly Update Show. Plus, Job Fairs, and my predictions for the Electoral College vote. 

- Paul Notice 

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Trump Chooses Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State + STL Arrival | 12.07.16 The Arrival

So I arrive in St. Louis, late - but all good. And then Trump nominates former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State. So I have to show the story of Rex & the $500 Billion Deal.

I Got Trapped in an Elevator! | Minisodes | 12.07.16

So on my way to my flight back home - I fell into the best possible situation. Just another New York Story..


Climate Change has a many effects. Here's one of them, in the nation of Ghana. They're one of the very first countries to have the majority of their electricity come from renewable energy in the form of hydro-electric dams. And there's more.

Weekly Updates: Episode 4, Frank Ocean And New Videos Coming Up

So we've got updates, and more things are happening! Also, Episode 4, Ladies and Gentlemen: And how about visiting our site though? Love you all, and look for more to come! - Paul Notice