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100 Days of Trump | The Notice Blog

We've made it through the first 100 days of Trump, and I know you're tired. So let's take a breather and figure out where TF we are now, how much damage was done, and what we still need to do.

100 Days of Resistance - Day 5 "Take Their Oil"

This kind of rhetoric, along with the recent executive orders banning all Syrian refugees and barring entry to anyone from seven Muslim majority nations from entering our country even as a tourist, play directly into ISIS’ hands.

100 Days of Resistance: Day 10 "The Forest For The Trees"

Yes, each new salvo against civil liberties is important and deserving of our attention and our activism. However, at the same time, Trump fired the acting Attorney General for daring to disagree with him and impugned her character in the process. 

100 Days of Resistance: Day 4 "The Shining City on a Hill"

Much like the 1940s, a lot of the rhetoric surrounding this issue is focused on fear mongering that terrorists will somehow infiltrate the refugees from Syria and Iraq and carry out an attack on the United States. To reiterate, these refugees are trying to come here to escape exactly that kind of violence, not to carry it out. The fact is that there has not been a single case of someone posing as a refugee and carrying out an act of terror.

100 Days of Resistance: Day 3 "Am I Human?"

They claim they’re keeping ‘men out of the women’s’ bathroom. I am being told that I am a predator. That I am likely a rapist. That I am likely a pedophile. Of course, none of these things are true, and if anything these bills put men in the women’s bathroom by forcing trans-men to use the women’s room. Once again, my basic humanity is a subject of debate by mostly heterosexual cisgender men who know nothing of trans identity other than their own prejudice and don’t care to learn about it or to humanize it"

100 Days of Resistance: Day 2 “Donald Trump is the Most Anti-Israel US President in Generations”

Every single day for the next 100 days I will post another piece that resists President Trump and his administration. [..] Today’s piece is on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict and moving our embassy to Jerusalem.


100 Days of Resistance: Day One "The World is in Our Hands"

 Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, I was thinking how can I resist his agenda? I decided on “100 Days of Resistance”. Every single day for the next 100 days I will post another piece that resists President Trump and his administration. Today’s piece is on nuclear weapons.