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Feminist Boxing

Feminism comes in all shapes and forms. For Luke Reunion, it came through his annoyance that the female boxers in his league, never had a chance to compete in the championships. So, Luke decided to fix that.

Our First Staff Meeting!

Just Finished our first Staff Meeting on President's Day!
So it's official!! The Kickstarter funds are in, and we're registering as a 501c3 nonprofit media company. Get ready for more videos, more news, more questions and more exploring - on a CONSISTENT SCHEDULE! 😲😲🤔

What's with the Duck? (...the birth of Censor Duck)

Here's another behind the scenes look at our Live Show. And an explanation about the Duck...
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She's Bringing Performing Arts Back to Inner City Schools

Meet the woman who brought Performing Arts back to Inner City Schools: Tylibah Iman Washington of TCC Performing Arts International. For more videos, donate to Our Kickstarter!

A Message to Trump: Prove Us Wrong

Remember to Speak Truth to Power, Like This Guy. 
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Meet the Staff: Cameron Burley

Wanna know who else works with me on The Notice Blog? Meet the IT & Strategy genius behind the company, Cameron D. Burley. Don't forget to like, share & donate for more videos! Let's get to $5k!

How LinkedIn Makes Money w/ Leah Wolfthal (CEO of Ayesh)

When you're trying to have a Woke conversation, but then someone starts talking conspiracies. Behind the scenes outtake with Leah Wolfthal of Ayesh - a non-profit that focuses on conflict resolution.


Be on the lookout for upcoming episodes of The Notice Blog featuring: Leah Wolfthal of Ayeish Christian Kelley-Madera of The Once and Future Nerd Filmmaker Matias Shimada

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