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Eugenia Shea Butter Co.

I wanna spotlight one of our favorite clients: Eugenia Shea Butter Co. They’ve been with us since the beginning, and are a Black-owned Mother-Daughter team that supports thousands of women farmers in Ghana.

Paul N.

No Homo No Hetero | Sneak Peek #1

Here's a sneak peek of "No Homo No Hetero," an upcoming documentary shot & edited by our Paul Notice and produced by Glenn Quentin , along Heru Kut & David J. Cork.

What Next? | Shampagne Season 2 | Episode 1

Check out some #BlackGirlMagic in Melissa Mickens’ “Shampagne.” I was privileged enough to edit their second season, and YOU, dear friend, must WATCH ALL OF IT!! (I don’t know why I’m screaming.)

NYC's #SwipeItForward Campaign is BACK!

On 03.20.17, a collective of everyday New Yorkers went to Yankee Stadium with over $2,000 in Metrocard passes. Their objective? Free Swipes to those in need.

Meet the Staff: Cameron Burley

Wanna know who else works with me on The Notice Blog? Meet the IT & Strategy genius behind the company, Cameron D. Burley. Don't forget to like, share & donate for more videos! Let's get to $5k!

Wanna Know How to Beat the System? #SwipeItForward

#SwipeItForward returned to New York City last November in a city-wide demonstration against the Broken Windows policies of NYPD. To help prevent fellow New Yorkers from a night in jail, these activists offered free rides to those in need. But there's an even bigger story at work here: 

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Don't Let Money Limit Your Imagination

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Obie Award-Winning Actor, Chris Myers, explains why we have to think outside of capitalism, when we're thinking of change.