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Gang Database Pt 4: Are the Kids Alright?

In this fourth installment of the #GangDatabase series, we talk to Marnie Lenox & Afrika Owes about the constitutional and ethical issues surrounding NYPD's use of a gang database.

The Heights | Ep 3 | Relationships

n Episode 3, we explore different points of view on love and relationships with familiar faces from earlier projects In the Heights, relatives in St. Louis and people encountered in Washington DC. Here we recount stories of when lovers first meet, the permanence of relationships then & now, and finding meaning and significance in both.

In the midst of it all, these stories reveal the undeniable parallels of love across color, age, and sexuality that ultimately deconstructs the Other.

Gang Databases: Stop And Frisk 2.0 (full)

With crime at an all-time low, NYPD Chief of Detectives, Dermont Shea, is spear-heading a new media frenzy to encourage the city to continue spending millions in policing: Gangs are Coming Back.  But are they? 

Adam Clayton Powell + Black Youth + Racial Profiling | The Heights

This is one of the very first doc series I created with Glenn Quentin. The Heights follows a group of black & latinx actors living in Washington Heights, who are also performing in the musical, “The Heights.”

No Homo No Hetero | Sneak Peek #1

Here's a sneak peek of "No Homo No Hetero," an upcoming documentary shot & edited by our Paul Notice and produced by Glenn Quentin , along Heru Kut & David J. Cork.

"Talk With Your Feet Not Your Mouth" | Shaw Boyz

Rossell explains explains exactly what Shaw Boyz & Wolfpack are - and how to make it as a skater.

NYC's #SwipeItForward Campaign is BACK!

On 03.20.17, a collective of everyday New Yorkers went to Yankee Stadium with over $2,000 in Metrocard passes. Their objective? Free Swipes to those in need.

Feminist Boxing

Feminism comes in all shapes and forms. For Luke Reunion, it came through his annoyance that the female boxers in his league, never had a chance to compete in the championships. So, Luke decided to fix that.

Kim Kardashian + Ethnography + Stereotypes | The Heights

Kim Kardashian + Ethnography + Stereotypes | The Heights

A new talk show that follows the cast of "In the Heights," in living rooms, subway cars, and everywhere dope convos happen.

She's Bringing Performing Arts Back to Inner City Schools

Meet the woman who brought Performing Arts back to Inner City Schools: Tylibah Iman Washington of TCC Performing Arts International. For more videos, donate to Our Kickstarter!

Wanna Know How to Beat the System? #SwipeItForward

#SwipeItForward returned to New York City last November in a city-wide demonstration against the Broken Windows policies of NYPD. To help prevent fellow New Yorkers from a night in jail, these activists offered free rides to those in need. But there's an even bigger story at work here: 

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Episode 3: Hood Chef Sometimes the journey makes the story, and that's definitely how i felt when thinking about how I met Hood Chef. In fact, his story shows a perfect example of how local communities can create their own cultural capital. 

How to Start a Brewery | Featuring Alpha Brewing Company

Derrick Langenekert tells about how he started Alpha Brewing Company, one of St. Louis' most popular micro-breweries.


Climate Change has a many effects. Here's one of them, in the nation of Ghana. They're one of the very first countries to have the majority of their electricity come from renewable energy in the form of hydro-electric dams. And there's more.