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Lost Boys | A Dark Comedy for NYC

Introducing a dark comedy that buys Shea Butter on the corner, watches "Get Out" at the Magic Johnson theater's 125th st.., and isn't scared to show #BlackBoyJoy when it sees #BlackGirlMagic This is Insecure & Atlanta for the Millennials of NYC. This is #LostBoys

Our First Podcast Episode!

In this episode, We talk about Sean Spicer's attempt to take reporters' cell phones during a conference, the craziness behind Trump's new budget plan, the invisible nature of domestic terrorism and other crazy stuff.

What's Healthcare Like in Spain?

Since the recent groundswell against repealing the ACA, we take a different look at what healthcare could look like in the US.

#NoDapl Camp Destroyed + Trump Removes Protection for Trans Students

#NoDapl Camp Destroyed + Trump Removes Protection for Trans Students + SCOTUS

Because Super Bowl Ads.

The super bowl is a staple of American culture and no one understands that better than the good ol’ American brands selling you stuff.

Besides being a tour de force of athletic prowess, the super bowl shares the spotlight for ads which have arguably become just as much or a spectacle as the game itself.

Posted on February 8, 2017 and filed under Hando Estrella, Op Ed, Lifestyle, ARTICLES.

Trump's Muslim Ban Is Worse Than You Think

Rebels in Parks w/ Coffee | 02.02.17

Featuring: J Alejandro Estrella
Today's Topic: Trump's Muslim Ban is more sinister than you think..

- Paul Notice
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OPINION: “The Problem, Dear Brutus…is in Us.”

The sooner we accept that the majority of human discord can be attributed to willful ignorance and blatant rejection of new ideas, the sooner we will begin working from the inside, out. [..] Have I left you wondering how a Catholic monk could be the founder of genetics, or a Muslim scholar the father of modern medicine? I hope so.

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Posted on January 24, 2017 and filed under Civil Rights, Hando Estrella, Activism, Op Ed, Lifestyle, ARTICLES.