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Freedom is a Constant Struggle.. | International Women's Day

“… and there is no border that divides us. There is no wall high enough that we can’t come to each other.
Because in this struggle, we need each other to survive.”

How the Paris withdrawal spells disaster... But only for us.

He was mocked by the media, asked questions he was too much of a simpleton to answer, and dominated by French President Emmanuel Macron’s Kung-fu grip. 

Trump's Airstrike

Just hours after president Trump expressed outrage at Syria's chemical attack on civilians, US forces launched an airstrike against Syrian government forces.

Mosul: Who Pulled the Trigger?

A deadly air strike killed least 200 civilians in one of the last remaining ISIS-controlled cities in Iraq, Mosul. So who exactly is responsible for the attack? And how does it note a change in strategy for US Armed Forces in Iraq?

Let's Talk About Intersectional Politics | RPC

In this episode, Sita Sarkar joins Paul Notice as they talk about Intersectionality at the Women's March, Mayor DeBlasio's surprisingly hostile policies toward immigrants, the Civil Rights Era's connection to the Immigrant Story, and much more.  

FBI to investigate Russian Interference in 2016

  "With respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets."

- FBI Director, James Comey 

100 Days of Resistance - Day 5 "Take Their Oil"

This kind of rhetoric, along with the recent executive orders banning all Syrian refugees and barring entry to anyone from seven Muslim majority nations from entering our country even as a tourist, play directly into ISIS’ hands.

100 Days of Resistance: Day 10 "The Forest For The Trees"

Yes, each new salvo against civil liberties is important and deserving of our attention and our activism. However, at the same time, Trump fired the acting Attorney General for daring to disagree with him and impugned her character in the process. 

Our First Podcast Episode!

In this episode, We talk about Sean Spicer's attempt to take reporters' cell phones during a conference, the craziness behind Trump's new budget plan, the invisible nature of domestic terrorism and other crazy stuff.

What's Healthcare Like in Spain?

Since the recent groundswell against repealing the ACA, we take a different look at what healthcare could look like in the US.

Let's Talk About Walls...

I haven’t seen the movie. I’m not going to. But I have seen both trailers twice, and I read most of the Wikipedia synopsis, which is all I need to denounce this congregation of moving images as a blight on humanity. If you haven’t seen the trailers, nor read most of the Wikipedia synopsis, worry not. I’ll save you the trouble.

100 Days of Resistance: Day 2 “Donald Trump is the Most Anti-Israel US President in Generations”

Every single day for the next 100 days I will post another piece that resists President Trump and his administration. [..] Today’s piece is on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict and moving our embassy to Jerusalem.


100 Days of Resistance: Day One "The World is in Our Hands"

 Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States, I was thinking how can I resist his agenda? I decided on “100 Days of Resistance”. Every single day for the next 100 days I will post another piece that resists President Trump and his administration. Today’s piece is on nuclear weapons.


Bashar Al-Assad's forces have all but retaken Aleppo. However, as both rebels and non-combatants alike attempt to flee Assad's forces, the Syrian dictator  - emboldened by Russia's military - refuses to show mercy.



Poor, Mitt Romney, for a while, it looked he'd be one of Trump’s few moderate republicans to join his cabinet as Secretary of State. But.. Trump decided to go with, former CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson.

Pundits and outlets alike are echoing the praises of former Secretaries of State, Condoleeza Rice, Jim Baker and Bob Gates for the nomination. However, Rice and Gates also run Rice Hadley Gates, a consulting firm that currently advises ExxonMobil in foreign affairs. Jim Baker runs Baker Botts LLP, a law firm which also works for ExxonMobil, as well as advises Gazprom, the Russian state gas company.

Here’s what where we should pay attention. The US placed sanctions on Russia, for its invasion of Crimea in Ukraine, and that halted ExxonMobil’s activities in Russia. Plus, there may be even more harsh measures put in place because of Russia’s active support of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

By now, I guess you’re seeing the big picture. One of the few positions with the authority to remove those pesky sanctions stopping ExxonMobil’s business with Russia is.. *Drum Roll* Secretary of State.

Trump Chooses Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State + STL Arrival | 12.07.16 The Arrival

So I arrive in St. Louis, late - but all good. And then Trump nominates former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State. So I have to show the story of Rex & the $500 Billion Deal.

She Was Right Though...

Ok, remember Rosemary’s Baby? The biggest terror in that horror film was to quintessentially put the audience in the perspective of a woman living in the 1960’s. Seriously. She and audience knew that something was wrong, but when she spoke up? Everyone called her crazy. That’s how Hillary Clinton probably feels right now.


When all 17 Of the US' intelligence agencies confirm that Russian did indeed deliberately hack into both the DNC and RNC emails, as well as added to the litany of fake news stories circulating the web in the months leading up to the election - you have to just take pause.



Climate Change has a many effects. Here's one of them, in the nation of Ghana. They're one of the very first countries to have the majority of their electricity come from renewable energy in the form of hydro-electric dams. And there's more.