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Our First Radio Spot Ad

 So I jumped on Fiverr to see how well I can stretch ad dollars, if we win (and to promote the kickstarter) For $11, we got an original radio spot ad - and some reposts. It's good, but I think with some edits, I can make it better. Take a listen to the link below

Posted on January 28, 2017 and filed under Kickstarter Campaign.

Meet the Staff: Cameron Burley

Wanna know who else works with me on The Notice Blog? Meet the IT & Strategy genius behind the company, Cameron D. Burley. Don't forget to like, share & donate for more videos! Let's get to $5k!

Behind the Scenes on Our Morning Show (Facebook Live) 01.18.17

Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Notice Blog's Morning Show, set to launch this Spring. We're setting up for something big, so Please, PLEASE stay tuned. 

I Got Trapped in an Elevator! | Minisodes | 12.07.16

So on my way to my flight back home - I fell into the best possible situation. Just another New York Story..


Hi, my name is Paul. I like the News. I like people. And I like stories. So I make them, about people and what issues they face. Welcome to The Notice Blog.