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Brief Talks w/ David Crownson: Mitch McConnell

Back in 2017, I recorded an interview with a good friend of mine, David Crownson who happens to also be the creator of Harriet Tubman : Demon Slayer. The interview lasted 4 hours - because we both have ADD and like to talk a lot. So I cut out the rabbit trails, and made a series out of it, called: "Brief Talks w/ David Crownson" Enjoy!

Dawkins: Nationalism Could be Worse than Religion

“Never one to shy away from controversy, Dawkins’ conclusion ruffled feathers to say the least, with patriotic Brits accusing him of insensitivity towards veterans, diehard atheists accusing him of changing course.”

- Sanders Gusinow

How the Paris withdrawal spells disaster... But only for us.

He was mocked by the media, asked questions he was too much of a simpleton to answer, and dominated by French President Emmanuel Macron’s Kung-fu grip. 

Rise From the Rubble

When you think of rubble, you normally don’t equate it to your personal life. It’s no secret that life comes at you fast and the only way to survive it is to stay strong in who you are, and steadfast in your beliefs.


Now banished, this vile social parasite must slither along alone, into the wilderness, with no means of sustenance, eating handfuls of grass and twigs, then vomiting them up and blaming that too on the Mexicans.


Science unto itself bears no inherent qualities of moral or ethical predisposition. It compiles premises and reports on the probability of effects. Philosophy utilizes all available information to grant humanity broader perspective.

Living with H.I.V

Living with HIV is no longer a dark secret kept amongst the family. As a society, we have become more aware of the fact that HIV is running rampant within the urban community, and it is no longer a death sentence. The need for preventative and supportive measures are a necessity, and we are the generation of change.

This Guy is Writing 100 Colleges For Antifascist Representation

I was arguing with some folks the other day. I was like, "No platform for Nazis!" And they were like, "Everybody deserves to be heard!" And this one lady told me that she learned a lot from all sorts of speakers at her school. I told her, "Why not have me speak? I'm just as qualified as Nazis. I'm more entertaining. And I'm not a racist."

Discussing Beauty During NYC’s First Open Data Week

As part of open data week, we invited 14 friends and collaborators to dinner to discuss civic issues not in terms of problems and solutions, but in terms of beauty. - Chris Chavez

Libraries = StartUp Offices for the Poor

If you haven't heard already, Shared Work Spaces are all the rage. They're also all the expensive (sic). Rates average about $200/monthly. For the nonprofit/startup on the budget, that's too much sauce. So there are other options. Coffee shops are one. In my very unscientific research, they average about $10-20/daily - since they insist on you buying something while there.


The tweet read, “IF WE CAN BE EQUALS IN SPORT, WE CAN BE EQUALS EVERYWHERE.” All caps. Because champions don’t use lower case. This is a really weird statement because we’re obviously not all equal in sports. My understanding is that the whole point of sports is to see who’s better at doing the sport. If everybody was equal and all sports were tied, nobody would watch.

100 Days of Resistance - Day 5 "Take Their Oil"

This kind of rhetoric, along with the recent executive orders banning all Syrian refugees and barring entry to anyone from seven Muslim majority nations from entering our country even as a tourist, play directly into ISIS’ hands.

100 Days of Resistance: Day 10 "The Forest For The Trees"

Yes, each new salvo against civil liberties is important and deserving of our attention and our activism. However, at the same time, Trump fired the acting Attorney General for daring to disagree with him and impugned her character in the process. 

Our First Podcast Episode!

In this episode, We talk about Sean Spicer's attempt to take reporters' cell phones during a conference, the craziness behind Trump's new budget plan, the invisible nature of domestic terrorism and other crazy stuff.

Here's the Controversy Around Canada Goose's Products

Here's a quick lowdown on the controversy between Canada Goose and Factory Farms from our NYC Producer, Sonia Ahuja.

Let's Talk About Walls...

I haven’t seen the movie. I’m not going to. But I have seen both trailers twice, and I read most of the Wikipedia synopsis, which is all I need to denounce this congregation of moving images as a blight on humanity. If you haven’t seen the trailers, nor read most of the Wikipedia synopsis, worry not. I’ll save you the trouble.

Just Who Counts as a Woman of Color?

After I shared an article that addressed the conspicuous lack of women of color on magazine covers, a friend exclaimed, “Let’s not forget there is a lack of our Latina and Asian sisters.” That comment, while coming from someone with all the best intentions in the world, prompted me to ask a series of awkward and sobering questions..