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TNB Studios: Docs, Music & Life

Hey Folx!

Watch our brand new 2019 #productionreel for Documentaries, Music Videos and Event/Travel Videography. 

Also, we're happy announce that our Shaw Boyz documentary just won the 2019 Bronze Award for Best New Web & Media in the Independent Shorts Awards 

On top of that, one of our music videos "Everything"  by J-Read, just won Best rap/Hip Hop Music Video at the 2019 Audioshoot Unsigned Festival.

Big thanks for the immense love, care and support you all have shown us over the years. We've gone from vlogging, to investigative reporting to wild art house films - while keeping true to The Notice Blog's motto: "Always Question. Always Explore" Thank you. Seriously. Thanks:)

For anyone interested in our videography & video editing rates, please Message Us, or Email

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Lost Boys | A Dark Comedy for NYC

Introducing a dark comedy that buys Shea Butter on the corner, watches "Get Out" at the Magic Johnson theater's 125th st.., and isn't scared to show #BlackBoyJoy when it sees #BlackGirlMagic This is Insecure & Atlanta for the Millennials of NYC. This is #LostBoys

What's Healthcare Like in Spain?

Since the recent groundswell against repealing the ACA, we take a different look at what healthcare could look like in the US.

The Notice Blog: Climate Change Skeptic Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

Last week, a GOP-dominated senate confirmed Scott Pruitt as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, despite Democrats best attempts to delay his vote. Here's why you should be concerned:

Out Like Flynn + Black Reporter Exposes Trump + Pruitt Nomination

What We Noticed Today: Out Like Flynn + Black Reporter Exposes Trump + Pruitt Nomination #TrumptyDumpty

Wanna Know How to Beat the System? #SwipeItForward

#SwipeItForward returned to New York City last November in a city-wide demonstration against the Broken Windows policies of NYPD. To help prevent fellow New Yorkers from a night in jail, these activists offered free rides to those in need. But there's an even bigger story at work here: 

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YOU CAN'T DIE HERE - EPISODE 4 "..Is something the matter?"

Remember that little web series I made a couple of years ago? Welp, I still do. My work's come a long way since then, but it's still relevant today. Anyway, here's Episode 4 of "You Can't Die Here."

You Can't Die Here | Episode 1

You Can't Die Here | Epsisode 1: Older siblings hate it when you steal their junk food. But when Richard’s forced to make a run to Trader Joe’s for cookies, he meets a different sort of kin.

Throwback Thursdays: Meet the Producers of You Can't Die Here

#ThrowbackThursday Wanna know how it all started? The very first major film production I've done came after the murder of #MikeBrown. He grew up in the same part of town as me. He was the same age as my little brother - it just hit too close to home for me not to do something. So I did. Here's one of the first videos I did to announce "You Can't Die Here." It was a webseries that focused on exploring the issues surround police violence. 


Climate Change has a many effects. Here's one of them, in the nation of Ghana. They're one of the very first countries to have the majority of their electricity come from renewable energy in the form of hydro-electric dams. And there's more.


Hi, my name is Paul. I like the News. I like people. And I like stories. So I make them, about people and what issues they face. Welcome to The Notice Blog.


Meet David Whitwell & Felix Del Tredici, a pair of Avant Garde musicians making their way through the New York music scene. What starts out as a simple profile piece for these two, takes us on a journey of Who's Who in the NYC underground's most compelling and prolific musicians.