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Discussing Beauty During NYC’s First Open Data Week

As part of open data week, we invited 14 friends and collaborators to dinner to discuss civic issues not in terms of problems and solutions, but in terms of beauty. - Chris Chavez

Libraries = StartUp Offices for the Poor

If you haven't heard already, Shared Work Spaces are all the rage. They're also all the expensive (sic). Rates average about $200/monthly. For the nonprofit/startup on the budget, that's too much sauce. So there are other options. Coffee shops are one. In my very unscientific research, they average about $10-20/daily - since they insist on you buying something while there.

How LinkedIn Makes Money w/ Leah Wolfthal (CEO of Ayesh)

When you're trying to have a Woke conversation, but then someone starts talking conspiracies. Behind the scenes outtake with Leah Wolfthal of Ayesh - a non-profit that focuses on conflict resolution.


How Can Drug Dealers, Smugglers, and Others in the Underground Economy Teach Us About Running Our Own Business? Checkout these Highlights from "The Misfit Economy" Book Launch, and find out. "The Misfit Economy" seeks to uncover the ingenuity found Underground Economies, and how we can apply them to 'legitimate' markets.