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Happy Snow Day!!

Happy Snow Day! The Noice Blog is officially in the nonprofit media business. Help find Paul some grants! New series about Broken Windows is coming out. Plus, Trump's Supreme Court pick is playing games, and more

Trump's Muslim Ban Is Worse Than You Think

Rebels in Parks w/ Coffee | 02.02.17

Featuring: J Alejandro Estrella
Today's Topic: Trump's Muslim Ban is more sinister than you think..

- Paul Notice
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What's with the Duck? (...the birth of Censor Duck)

Here's another behind the scenes look at our Live Show. And an explanation about the Duck...
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Behind the Scenes on Our Morning Show (Facebook Live) 01.18.17

Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Notice Blog's Morning Show, set to launch this Spring. We're setting up for something big, so Please, PLEASE stay tuned.