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Shaw Boyz: The Story Behind DC's 1st Skate Park | Sneak Peek (2018)

Happy Labor Day! Take a look at the teaser of our latest doc: Shaw Boyz, which follows the groups of Black & Latinx skaters formed after the creation of DC's very first public skate park.

produced by Joshua Lopez directed & edited by Paul Notice

The Truth Behind NYPD's Gang Database (Teaser)

I remember visibly shaking when I first heard Taylonn Murphy Sr. tell this story. The cruelty and lack of empathy involved in how the officer regarded the boy is exactly the sort of trauma over-policing invites into our neighborhoods.

No Homo No Hetero | Sneak Peek #1

Here's a sneak peek of "No Homo No Hetero," an upcoming documentary shot & edited by our Paul Notice and produced by Glenn Quentin , along Heru Kut & David J. Cork.

You Can't Die Here Trailer (2014)

A little blast from the past: here's TNB's first web series - all the way from 2014, when we were just starting to get into video production full-scale. 

Lost Boys | A Dark Comedy for NYC

Introducing a dark comedy that buys Shea Butter on the corner, watches "Get Out" at the Magic Johnson theater's 125th st.., and isn't scared to show #BlackBoyJoy when it sees #BlackGirlMagic This is Insecure & Atlanta for the Millennials of NYC. This is #LostBoys

Don't Let Money Limit Your Imagination

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Obie Award-Winning Actor, Chris Myers, explains why we have to think outside of capitalism, when we're thinking of change. 


Hi, my name is Paul. I like the News. I like people. And I like stories. So I make them, about people and what issues they face. Welcome to The Notice Blog.

How LinkedIn Makes Money w/ Leah Wolfthal (CEO of Ayesh)

When you're trying to have a Woke conversation, but then someone starts talking conspiracies. Behind the scenes outtake with Leah Wolfthal of Ayesh - a non-profit that focuses on conflict resolution.


Be on the lookout for upcoming episodes of The Notice Blog featuring: Leah Wolfthal of Ayeish Christian Kelley-Madera of The Once and Future Nerd Filmmaker Matias Shimada

Music: Nina Simone "Be My Husband"

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How Can Drug Dealers, Smugglers, and Others in the Underground Economy Teach Us About Running Our Own Business? Checkout these Highlights from "The Misfit Economy" Book Launch, and find out. "The Misfit Economy" seeks to uncover the ingenuity found Underground Economies, and how we can apply them to 'legitimate' markets.

BIG NEWS! You Can't Die Here: The Series

Finally. It's Here. The First Episode of "You Can't Die Here" is coming this Sunday at 7pm EST! Follow us from the beginning here:'tDieHere. When a high school student is forced on an errand to Trader Joes, he runs into a stranger who might be able to save his life..

What's #SwipeItForward?

#SwipeItForward returned yesterday in a CITY-WIDE demonstration in #NYC. To help prevent fellow New Yorkers from a night in jail, these activist offered free rides to those in need. But there's an even bigger story at work here.