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It's an Inside Job: GOP Infighting Defeats Trumpcare

To the relief of at least 24 million people who would be kicked off of their healthcare, the GOP "Trumpcare" Bill failed. Here's why..

100 Days of Resistance - Day 5 "Take Their Oil"

This kind of rhetoric, along with the recent executive orders banning all Syrian refugees and barring entry to anyone from seven Muslim majority nations from entering our country even as a tourist, play directly into ISIS’ hands.

Our First Podcast Episode!

In this episode, We talk about Sean Spicer's attempt to take reporters' cell phones during a conference, the craziness behind Trump's new budget plan, the invisible nature of domestic terrorism and other crazy stuff.

The Notice Blog: Climate Change Skeptic Scott Pruitt to Head EPA

Last week, a GOP-dominated senate confirmed Scott Pruitt as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, despite Democrats best attempts to delay his vote. Here's why you should be concerned:

Obama Sanctions Putin + Trump Tweets | News Bites 12.29.16

Here's the Newsbites for this week. Obama punishes Russia for interfering with the U.S. election. Trump tweets again. And we're starting to not fall for it.


Bashar Al-Assad's forces have all but retaken Aleppo. However, as both rebels and non-combatants alike attempt to flee Assad's forces, the Syrian dictator  - emboldened by Russia's military - refuses to show mercy.



Poor, Mitt Romney, for a while, it looked he'd be one of Trump’s few moderate republicans to join his cabinet as Secretary of State. But.. Trump decided to go with, former CEO of Exxon, Rex Tillerson.

Pundits and outlets alike are echoing the praises of former Secretaries of State, Condoleeza Rice, Jim Baker and Bob Gates for the nomination. However, Rice and Gates also run Rice Hadley Gates, a consulting firm that currently advises ExxonMobil in foreign affairs. Jim Baker runs Baker Botts LLP, a law firm which also works for ExxonMobil, as well as advises Gazprom, the Russian state gas company.

Here’s what where we should pay attention. The US placed sanctions on Russia, for its invasion of Crimea in Ukraine, and that halted ExxonMobil’s activities in Russia. Plus, there may be even more harsh measures put in place because of Russia’s active support of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

By now, I guess you’re seeing the big picture. One of the few positions with the authority to remove those pesky sanctions stopping ExxonMobil’s business with Russia is.. *Drum Roll* Secretary of State.

Trump Chooses Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State + STL Arrival | 12.07.16 The Arrival

So I arrive in St. Louis, late - but all good. And then Trump nominates former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to Secretary of State. So I have to show the story of Rex & the $500 Billion Deal.

She Was Right Though...

Ok, remember Rosemary’s Baby? The biggest terror in that horror film was to quintessentially put the audience in the perspective of a woman living in the 1960’s. Seriously. She and audience knew that something was wrong, but when she spoke up? Everyone called her crazy. That’s how Hillary Clinton probably feels right now.


Trump recently announced he would leave control of his business empire “in total.” This comes at the heels of some excellent trolling by the Office of Government Ethics to pressure Trump. The emolument clause of the Constitution forbids foreign powers from offering gifts to the president. But curiously enough, it's not illegal for a sitting president to financially benefit from any of his activity in office. In other words, his arrangements with China, Saudi Arabia, DAPL and much more could be illegal. Or totally fine. We can't know. Especially when investigators are still trying to figure out where all of his business interest lie. There's no real precedent for this.


Trump's pick for Treasury Secretary tells us a lot about his campaign promises. As if we already didn't know.


Are you ready for your annual "Arguing Over Politics W/ Relatives" Day - Aka Thanksgiving? The Donald J. Trump presidency is turning out to be everything we feared. And that fear isn’t divisive, or disrespectful. It’s real. Here’s what you should know before talking politics at the table. 


What's #SwipeItForward?

#SwipeItForward returned yesterday in a CITY-WIDE demonstration in #NYC. To help prevent fellow New Yorkers from a night in jail, these activist offered free rides to those in need. But there's an even bigger story at work here.


09.02.16 | MINISODES | OIL & WATER
In this episode, we join correspondent Sarah Echo Colón to delve into the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and what it means to Native American Activists.