Producing creative and informative non-fictional work is our biggest passion. And that's not just including The Notice Blog. Take a look at some of our other documentaries, including production work with Elite Daily.

Take a look at the some of the groundbreaking documentaries Paul produced while at Elite Daily. 

Checkout our flagship documentary series, The Notice Blog.

NYC is filled with a litany of musical artists, each with their own story. Mixtape seeks to tell them all.

A meta documentary series that follow Latinx actors living in Washington Heights, as they perform in a local production of "The Heights" - a musical about Latinx people living in Washington Heights. 

Homecoming blends both reality and the fictional role to tell the story of a Black St. Louis family making their way through the year before, during and after the Ferguson Uprising. Intimate. Unflinching. And Unapologetically Black. This semi-fictional film series is an addictive watch.