No matter our demographic, we all share conversations and thoughts that go beyond our own station. Whether it's between the caterers and the person operating the freight elevator, or the retired foreman speaking to the investment banker on the way to work - each conversation has a deeper and more profound meaning.

What's more important, is that we often talk about the same thing, despite our apparent differences. "Homecoming" explores both of these elements in everyday conversations through all walks of life. The result is seeing how much we truly have in common, but also the complexities of what really separates us in society.

This documentary series seeks to follow the natural narratives of the people involved in making this documentary - meaning both the observer and the subjects. In this project, we sought to avoid the conventional anthropological construct that many documentaries adopt, that being The Observer and The Subject. 

Danny finds new meaning in old family photos.

Regarding the interviewees involved as 'subjects' causes a distance that both objectifies and dehumanizes the very people we're trying to understand.  It's our aim to remove the barrier that separate the audience, and host, from the 'Other.

Hence, apart from the 1st Trailer, There Will Be No Narrating in this documentary. There will be no formal sound bites taken from stilted interviews. There will be no leading questions. Only natural conversations between the producers and their friends, family, neighbors, strangers, etc.