The power of creative storytelling takes many forms, including advertising. Over the years, I've produced various promos, crowd-funding and commercial videos for startups and local businesses alike, including Eu'Genia Shea, CoSign and more.

Commercial Spot #2
The latest big thing is in, and it's called Shea Butter. CEO & Founder of Eugenia Shea, Naa-Sakle Akuete explains more.

Sephora Contest Video
Here's one of our very first clients: Eugenia Shea Company, headed by the incomparable Naa-Sakle Acuete. They're amazing. Driven. Detail-Oriented, and Community Inspired. Check them out here:

Trailer #1
Here's a look at some of my promotional work for the Eco Music Big Band. 

Trailer #2

Trailer #4
Here's one of the very first film trailers I produced under The Millennial Group. Have a look.

Episode 4 Trailer
Here's a trailer for an upcoming episode of TNB. Check it out.